Ver la Versión Completa : Posibles Cambios en la 1.17

14/08/2004, 01:54
- Arcane Towers now does bonus damage to summoned units.
- Footman Buff
- Multiple, significant Blood Mage upgrades

- Animate Dead is now dispel immune.

- Amount of experience you get for killing Spirit Wolves has been increased
- Bat Rider build time has been tweaked

Night Elf
- Entangle Level 1 duration reduced to 9 seconds from 12.
- Entangle Level 3 damage per second increased to 25/sec from 15/sec.
- Archers has been tweaked slightly
- Fairy Dragon Change
- Mountain Giants nerfed in team games.

- We have some general tower construction tweaks going in, as well as tweaks to mercenary camps.
- Some map changes.

14/08/2004, 04:29
Yalo habia visto, y onda q me cago en el upgrade q nos dieron a los undead...

14/08/2004, 12:32
bue ya salio el beta. cierro este.