Ver la Versión Completa : Lineage goddess of destruction chapter 2 "tauti"

15/12/2011, 23:41
bueno acabo d ver que ya estan anunciando en korea goddess parte 2 llamado tauti..

aca video


edito encontre esto :

In the final Samsung Electronics Lineage 2 Battle League Tournament company NCSoft announced the update Goddess of Destruction: chapter 2. The game will be added the following content:

• On the continent Gracia will be added to the new Seed - Seed of Industrialization. Players will expect a high-level group of hunting in the area of ​​urban style. In the zone will live a new boss Tauti, from which the material will fall to craft Tauti Axe, guns owned by Brennon, the first owner of the sword Zariche. The boss will be in 2 versions, and requires a team channel into 5 groups.
• A new solo hunting zone Guillotine Fortress
• In the concept of casual sediment changes - players can choose the side of light or the dark side.
• If the owner chose the castle side of the world, the tax will be 0%, it will receive a variety of subjects and skills, and reinforcing the players buffs.
• If the owner chose the dark side of the castle, then sales tax will be 30% and will be a tax on purchases 10%, but the lock will lose the protection of some punishment on the drop
• Added Festival of Chaos, which runs 14 times a day and which will involve the clans
• The size of the clan badge is set 256x256
• Added the flag of the clan. Confers positive and negative effects of the allies enemies
• Items will be divided into 2 types: PVE and PVP. For example, Dark Helios for PVE, PVP Vlood for Helios
• Added a Seed Bracelet, which has six levels of development
• Improved leveling
• Improved combat system
• Increased the damage of physical skills
• Added 6 new parameters in the system attribute
• Improved ability to characters
• Improved management of Summon
• Changed macro system
• Improved performance of the game client

• Dragon Wind Lindvior came to the territory of Aden. This flying dragon is the leading opponents of the State of Aden
• Dragon will occasionally attack the city Gludio, Dion
• With the dragon can get jewelry, armor, and pet
• Main castle siege area of Aden in a strictly fixed time
• Siege of the other locks will be appointed (presumably as a fortress)
• The task of the siege, not only to seize the castle, but also perform a number of additional purposes, such as protection / NPTskilling or destruction / protection siege guns
• The siege of possible individual and anonymous registration (as with territorial wars)
• Reward: a win is possible to enjoy a continental military vehicle armor Aden and Ixion.


16/12/2011, 23:37