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22/01/2006, 15:49
Aqui les dejo un articulo sobre el DoD publicado en Gotfag.com, hecho por Pandemic | Rogueverve (este equipo quedo en 3er lugar en la pasada CPL). Sin dudas el DoD 1.3 pasa por un momento crucial.
El articulo es asi:


Read on to see an article reguarding DoD and CPL, by Pandemic's Bryan "Rogueverve" LeGrand.

The Future of our game....

This past weekend I got a hold of the latest work from Kevin Horst. Kevin has been working on Pandemic's CPL movie for several months now and he just finished editing together the sequence for our match against Negative Tension on Harrington. In watching it over and over… and over… and once more just to nurse a semi for a few minutes longer I started to think about how much I had enjoyed CPL.

How much I had enjoyed finally meeting the one and only Brandon Newton. How much I had feared initially spending the night with John in my bed. With the exception of that single moment I realized that as much as I'd love to play down the geeky side of going to Dallas. It was a really fun time. Flash back to over a year ago.

I'm sitting at my computer in Rochester NY and have just decided to write an article about day of defeat. The purpose of which was to convince people to believe that they not only made a difference, but could make a bigger one if they just were willing to admit that they cared. The situation of the community at the time was one much different than we see today.

Winter CPL was a mere 3 months away and only a distant possibility, CAL-Invite was sort of floundering in la la land and the whispers of dead game were floating all around. It was in the midst of this uncertainty where I saw some potential and decided to write a little article. It is with this same sort of potential that I again sit down to write another article about the future of Day of Defeat.

Immediately after however people seemed to respond, my article was met with good intentions and I received a ton of support; including a request from someone to use the article for a class of theirs as an example of writing that had influenced them. While I would love to take credit, I would bet the 10,000 BYOC tournament had more to do with the community response than I did. Regardless we saw fresh life breath into a game that beforehand had seemed all but doomed.

In the six months between Winter and Summer with the exception of notable Winter winners highball most everyone put more effort into Day Of Defeat than ever before. Someone came up with the title of try-pants and before long everyone had themselves a pair and the new try-shirt. What happened? CPL responded and summer had a 30,000 official tournament. Again the community stepped up and we turned out an astonishing 40 teams. More 6 man teams showed up to play a dead game than single people did to play wc3, impressive isn't it?

The only thing the community really needed was a reason to keep playing, for the first CAL season afterwards things looked good. We all figured with the turnout we had there is no way CPL would be able to deny us a spot at winter. Yet that's exactly what happened. While I understand the reasoning behind it I'm still going to exercise my right to poke fun at the ridiculousness that was painkiller. So we turned to Chicago LAN. An idea conceived with a good notion in mind that well… lets just say it is giving Apollo 1 a run for its money in the get off the launch pad challenge. Again we searched for a reason and it found it in the unlikely position of the Day of Defeat dev team.

With the idea that source would be a 1.3 port and some nice graphics we figured it would be a sure in to blowup huge… Then source came out…. After the string of body shots had ended source seemed to be the final punch for the knockout. The top four placing teams of CAL-Invite (coL, x6, Pandemic, ukz) all did not return for the new season. The number of participating teams has continued to decline and w2z was dead before it even began. It is safe to say the community and game is a mere shell of its former self.

Yet despite all of this there is a light at the end of the tunnel. A random little cookie has dropped from the sky in the form of a meeting with G7 and some considerations coming out of the CPL camp. The CPL gaming director himself stated in the 1.3 thread on the CPL site that they were looking into adding another game for summer. Lets be honest here about their choices, cod2? A game where the first time it went to CPL had a pathetic turnout and hasn't grown online since. Painkiller? Who even plays it anymore (told you I'd get a poke in)… Halo2? Perhaps the only other real option, but anyone who was at summer can tell you Halo was the bastard red headed step child of summer CPL, regulated to a hole in the floor against the back wall away from everything else. Finally we turn to Day of Defeat.

What could help convince them to choose this? The 40 teams that combined for over 200 people attending? The fact that when they started to play Painkiller (that's 2!) instead of the DoD finals on the big screens over 100 people damn near threatened a mutiny? Was it the fact that we made so much noise when Kellen busted out an insane run on coL's first flag to secure the win that everyone else in the place stopped to ask what we were watching? Who really knows? Either way, I would think it would be safe to say that we impressed the CPL more than any other game they've brought in. With the exception of counterstrike & painkiller has any other game been at two consecutive CPLs in the last 4 years? I believe the answer to be, no.

The problem here is not that the CPL isn't interested in Day of Defeat, they are. It's that the community now, is not what the community was. It doesn't take Joe Friday to figure that one out, hell I bet even Mr. Magoo and Inspector Gadget could find a way to see it. The cold hard facts of a CAL-Invite where even sp3c could make the playoffs are difficult to ignore. So many top teams left the game that It's almost impossible to make a case for the game to be an option for CPL. Hell even I posted that it is silly to make 1.3 the game of choice in the thread on CPL's site. The bottom line is that the game is not ready in its current state of affairs. We have three games to chose from, 1.3, Source, and DoD:C.

The problem is that individually none of the three are worth playing at the moment. Source is… well… its source… Call it a game if you want, but I'm going to stick it where it belongs. In the garbage next to painkiller (That'd be 3). So we really have three options here. DoD:C and 1.3. For some strange reason the community has decided to not embrace DoD:C despite the fact that its pretty darn close to a 1.3 port. So I'm going to stick that one where it belongs, on the shelf collecting dust next to cod2. The only other option left? 1.3… O boy…. Here we go again. Despite the fact that people seem to think the game is dead so many expressed interest in a w2z lan that really never took off due to bad planning and poor timing, that it would be easy to persuade me otherwise. With just Bewton's post in the forums to go on over 200 people have signed up on the knoxgaming site to pledge their support and interest in taking a trip down south in the summertime.

I guess the big question is then, is the game "dead"? Well it's hard to say. Enough people yell it and sooner or later it becomes true. I know I believed it going into source. I figured this is the last option, if source is bad then I'll just quit was what I thought. Well… maybe there is a reason to stick around… I'm thinking about the games I've played since DoD. Quake 4, Call of Duty 2, NFS:MW, and CS:S are all games that I spent some time playing. Hell I've played more Quake 3 in the last week than anything else.

Yet despite this, despite the fact that I haven't actually opened 1.3 in 3 months, as soon as Bewton confirmed to me there is a real chance at 1.3 being at summer. I was all over the idea. I felt giddier about a game than I have in months and promptly went to class with the intention of writing this article. I really enjoyed 1.3, I really enjoyed CPL. I genuinely miss hoping on vent and talking with some of the greatest people I've met through games and while 1.6 scrims are decent consolation, they aren't the same thing.

So now the big question, where do we go from here? The ball is in our court and its up to us as a community to support one game to the fullest. For me (and hopefully man others) that game can only be 1.3. I love you Gloin but no one else seems to be playing dod:c, plus I never want to scrim Argentan…. EVER! We need to prove to the CPL staff that the game is not dead, merely dormant and that all we need is a reason to come back. What we need is an example of what we can do. Actions will always speak louder than words and while a website where people can blindly sign up shows some support, the real bread and butter will come if we can do something special, something to show CPL that we really DO want to see it happen.

Some ideas? The only thing that really comes to mind is quick tournament perhaps. Get 8 top teams from last CAL season, get 8 top teams from Europe and play a double elimination bracket World War 2.0 style and have the two winners battle it out in a best of 3 exhibition match. To top it off promote the hell out it with coverage on both GotFrag and zeroPoint!. Show that the core of the community is still here and interested.

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