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08/10/2006, 12:28
We were under a SYN flood DDoS attack today
In layman terms this means someone with access to multiple (hundreds to thousands) hacked computers is starting lots of bogus connections to our server, filling up a sort of connection queue and making it ignore legitimate connections

We're going to take measures against the attack, in trying to protect ourselves and notifying the hacked computers administrators about this

However, this kind of attack is hard to stop (in fact it's not possible to stop completely, only mitigate it's impact and the resulting damage) and these botnet computers are difficult to trace
So the server will be down for an unknown amount of time, we'll be working on this issue to have it back up as soon as possible

In case you want to know, the attacker is asking for max stats and SP, awesome huh?
I thought he would be asking for $100k sent to his swiss bank account, but nah, max stats.

Acá se los tradusco para los que no entienden inglés.

Hoy recibimos un ataque "SYN flood DDoS".
Estoy significa que alguien con acceso remoto a múltiples (de cientos a miles) de computadoras hackeadas está haciendo conexiones al server, saturando el límite de conexiones e impidiendo que los jugadores puedan logearse.
Estamos tomando medidas contra este ataque, intentando protegernos y alertando a los administradores de las computadoras sobre su problema.
El problema es que este tipo de ataque es muy difícil de detener (en realidad, es completamente imposible detenerlo por completo, pero si podemos disminuir los problemas que causa). Otro inconveniente es que las computadoras que utilizan son difíciles de encontrar.
En caso de que les interese, el hacker pide todos los stats al máximo y mucho SP, ¿lindo, eh?
Pensé que pediría que mandemos U$S 100.000 a su cuenta de banco suiza, pero no, stats al máximo.


deebee post Today, 05:02 AM (11/10)

servers should be up in 24-48 hours

sorry about the forum going down so often, but it's hosted on a celeron and it can't handle so many users