Estos fueron los cambios que hicieron en los servers el dia de hoy:


Today's update includes fixes and improvements to our Matchmaking, "Start a Match" feature, Invite System, and player sizes on servers.

Included in this update:

Fixed a tier bug in FFA which led to players reaching tiers much higher than they should have. Existing skill ratings have been recalculated based on recent match history, but it may still take a few more matches for the tiers to be fully adjusted.
Fixed another (more subtle) bug that made CA skill ratings drift downward.
Changed the "Start a Match" form such that it will now re-populate with your previously used settings.
Fixed a problem preventing match invitations sent through the "Start a Match" interface from actually being delivered.
Fixed an issue that caused standard players to see a "Go Pro" indicator when joining a match they were invited to.
Fixed a bug in detecting when guests leave a server, so if you invited three guests in, and one left, getting a new guest in would sometimes be troublesome.
Added a basic "Format Clan Tag" control option to the Clan Center control panel for Clan Leaders to change the capitalization and colors of their clan tag.
Changed the clan tag id system. The uniqueness of a clan tag is now defined to include any special characters in it. So [id] is no longer considered the same clan as /id/.
Added a "Match Size" option in the "Start a Match" interface that lets you control the number of players you want to allow on your server, from 2 to 16 players.
Fixed a problem where people who changed their email address to include capitalized letters were having problems logging back in.
Fixed a variety of issues preventing users from logging in due to problems with their forum account.
We've changed CTF and CA default team sizes to 5v5, and FFA player limit to 12. In the near future we intend to offer better tools for players to control team sizes in the matches they play.
Fixed missing stats & discrepancies for players who previously had their player nicks renamed.
Fixed the missing thaw icon in Freeze Tag.

More coming next week! We have been paying close attention to a lot of the suggestions and reported bugs from the past two weeks. We have several changes currently in progress that were not quite ready for today's release, but we hope to finalize and make available to you next Tuesday.