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Tema: El Rey Undead se va al SC2!

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    El Rey Undead se va al SC2!

    The famous Swedish player Fredrik 'MaDFroG' Johansson is most commonly known for being one of the most influential Undead players in Warcraft III but like many players, has made the switch to the immense game of Starcraft II.
    Although he admits himself that he is not in top shape yet, SK Gaming have decided to pick him up as their first Starcraft II player, presumably amongst others to come, and together will bring this WC3 legend to a SC2 star.
    His most recognised achievements, amongst many, is the gold medal at the 2003 Blizzard WorldWide Invitational and the silver medal at ESWC 2004 but has participated in many tournaments in Europe. Although being a famous European WC3 players, he is one of the few who was seen at the same level as the big dogs in Asia, in particular South Korea.
    Cita Iniciado por MadfroG
    "When I decided to give StarCraft 2 a real try and the community got notice, I was contacted by most of the bigger teams out there. It was when SK was reaching out to me that I had the feeling you need to have as a player. It took us 20 minutes to figure out details and here we are, I am back in SK and I am proud of that. Thanks to the team in trusting me after such a long time and thanks to SK's partners that made the deal possible. Though I am not at a 100% competitive shape right now, both, SK and I know that I will get there in the future. It feels great to be back!"
    MYM - StarCraft 2 News: MaDFroG returns to SK Gaming


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    Re: El Rey Undead se va al SC2!

    Noo boludo Madfrog, por dios que groso era.

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    Re: El Rey Undead se va al SC2!

    Volvió el loquito de los undeads

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