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    Launch Info

    We are aiming to open Char Creation at 5 PM UTC-3.
    Donations Coins will be available to purchase after char creation.
    Server will open at 7 PM UTC-3

    Things to know.

    The following Bosses will start dead.

    • Queen Ant 36hour +/- 2hour
    • Baium 120hour +/- 2hour
    • Lair RBosses 36hours +/- 2hour

    There is a NEW UPDATE REQUIRED to login.
    Download from Launcher (
    Manually get it from

    Our BOT policy will be VERY strong on Anarchy. Our Anticheat LOGs and REPORTs everything.
    We have even been recollecting data for the last week, so we know who is trying to bot.

    If you get flagged (the browser will tell you) you will be banned in a few days without any further notice.
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