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Tema: changing donations

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    Re: changing donations

    then go, be a noob somewhere else
    AP Carry

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    Re: changing donations

    are u done tryin to be cool? just cuz u got no life and no money u are glad others cant donate. take your pesos and shut tha fuck up

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    Re: changing donations

    The beta start in 4 hours guys, dont be pussy and wait to see the gm shop in the game

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    Re: changing donations

    destiny you're right regarding gx's staff delaying some donations a few days before live being a very stupid move (they should've been done with this long ago instead of posting a wip donation shop like as if it was definitive) but tbh some of us would rather have things like they are now, as in not being able to just p2w our way through some things

    it's not about being able to afford it or not, most of us would pay for w/e we need anyways but we just don't like it, I know in eu servers you get tons of p2w stuff (didn't last e-global put shit like gcms on cash shop? lol) but here we don't really like that, granted I'm not speaking for everyone and there's those who don't agree but I'm pretty sure that there's more people who would rather not have stuff like 3rd change/noblesse early on available compared to those who would

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    Re: changing donations

    nah noblesse is stupid donation early or late cuz u can just get it via TW anyways. but 3rd class is just a time saver for those who dont have those extra houers nolifers does. 3rd class is not pay to win at all

    about e-global i didnt play the last one but the 7x last year i played and yea that was p2w af

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    Re: changing donations

    u think 3rd class will make more pvp but its really wont. cuz most of us will do 4s anyways.

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    Re: changing donations

    Having 3rd class for donate completely changes the setups and the plans for day 1. Removing that shit 4 days before server means you must talk to all your players, drivers, friends, the clan, etc and reorganise fucking everything.
    It also shows this project isn't nearly as serious as others. And yes, those ruskies and eu servers are very p2w, but they don't change their shit 4 days before opening, anyone who goes to play there know what they're getting into.

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    Re: changing donations

    do u think the no lifer doesnt have money to pay 3rd class? u sound like a child
    AP Carry

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    Re: changing donations

    Relax dude, your plans can be replaned and this is for the sake of pvp, you dont like pvp? If you dont have time to play in the week, you can donate next weekend. If your plan to rush 3rd the first weekend you are going to have more fun pvping at HS, Varka or WOA

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    Re: changing donations

    Cita Iniciado por Fenomeno Ver Mensaje
    do u think the no lifer doesnt have money to pay 3rd class? u sound like a child
    u got pesos i got euro's. thats done what else u got fagget?

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