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Tema: changing donations

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    changing donations

    how can u change donations 4 days before server opens? this is stupid. most of us got a job and dont got the same time as the guys that dont got a job. so donattin for 3rd class is not op its time saving for us that pay taxes and make money and yea i know that everyone will cry that a made this post but its simple. get a job

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    Re: changing donations

    ok, now think if a nolifer pay for noblesse and 3rd class. sound like u will get a gangbang
    AP Carry

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    Re: changing donations

    Changing shit 4 days before opening
    It's like, the ultimate unprofessional move. People were called with these features and these donates, plans were made based on them, now they change everything. Have these guys ever ran a server before?
    Maybe we should just take our groups (and our $$$) to the russian x15 that opens next week, they seem much more professional....

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    Re: changing donations

    never said anthing about noblesse did i?

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    Re: changing donations

    its a change same as 3rds. if u dont got time to play, until second week i doubt u get 76. so stop qq
    AP Carry

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    Re: changing donations

    noblesse and 5hrs pet after 1st period oly
    3rd class 1 week after start
    That's what scarlet said

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    Re: changing donations

    You guys don't understand anything.
    There are 4 days to opening and the change them? Meaning we need new plans and shit? How unprofessional can you get? There is a point where you can't change features anymore. Learn a few things from russian servers, there's a reason they always have so big online.

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    Re: changing donations

    oh, so they change u plan 4 days before... what a shame, u gonna lose for that

    u got 96 hs remaining, use your brain to change the plan and do the quest
    here is some links for your help
    AP Carry

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    Re: changing donations

    Well, it's their choice, and my choice to take my group and my $$$ to another server. And never trust latino monkeys again.

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    Re: changing donations

    yea 4 days before server opens. having a donation list that not valid for over a week then change it 4 days befor lanuch. fuckin top move right there

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