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Tema: Skyfall [x15] - Server Description

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    Skyfall [x15] - Server Description

    Official High Five platform

    Friday, February 8, 2019 - 8PM (UTC-3)

    Open Beta
    February 6


    EXP/SP x15
    Adena: x10
    Drop/Spoil x10
    Seal Stones x10
    Raid Boss Dropx2
    Epic Boss Drop x1
    Quest Drop x2
    Eppaulete Drop x3

    Server Time - (UTC-3)
    Trader Bot - FREE
    Dual Box - FREE
    AutoPickup - YES
    Learning Skills - Community Board (Alt + B)
    Personal Buffer - Community Board (Alt + B) | 1 hr duration, all buffs + CoV-Prophecy
    GM Shop - up to Dynasty Community Board (Alt + B)
    Class transfer - 1st, 2nd, 3rd class for adena
    Ranking System in Community Board
    Donation store limited available options
    Automatic potion system Client included

    GX Deathmatch (36 vs 36, Balanced Teams) February 11
    GX Domination (9 vs 9, Party vs Party) February 16
    Isle of Death - Isle of Prayer get cursed in the night! get high valuable goods while you clean monsters and enemies alike
    Happy Hour Rush and Farm like a boss
    Hellbound STAGE 11 - February 11
    Seven Signs February 11
    Clan Hall Auctions February 17
    Sieges and TWs weekly - 1° week Siege, 2° week TW February 17
    Olympiad - period 2 weeks February 18

    Mana Potions - 1000 x 10 seg, 20 seg reuse.
    2 Weeks Olympiad Period
    Class based option Disabled.
    Teleport restriction during siege Removed
    Clan Hall for Clan Lvl +6 only

    NPC Fortress Lv 85
    RB Subclass Quest Lv 80
    Epic Random Respawn +- 1h
    Raid Random Respawn +- 1h
    Epic Nests are Combat Zones
    Wards return to Castles before next TW cycle

    Baium: Lv 85
    Core: Lv 85
    Orfen: Lv 85
    Queen Ant: lv 85, 24 hs respawn, chance drop Queen Ant's Ring 70%
    Antharas: 7 days respawn, +Drop 3 parts Elegia. minions slightly nerfed
    Valakas: 7 days respawn, +Drop 3 parts Elegia. minions and HP Boss slightly nerfed
    Beleth: Teleport to the Boss added in Heine City

    Giran Castle
    Every Sunday at 15.00 UTC-3

    Aden Castle
    Every Sunday at 18.00 UTC-3

    Goddard Castle
    Every Sunday at 15.00 UTC-3

    Rune Castle
    Every Sunday at 18.00 UTC-3

    * We may change the current server features.

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    Re: Skyfall [x15] - Server Description

    Updated 2 Feb

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