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    Post [Cata] Quests <Mapas Nuevos>

    Este Post es exclusivo para testeo de Quest, si probaste alguna misión agradecemos que subas la información aca como se detalla abajo. El resto de los Post seran eliminados, si tienen dudas, la consulta la hacen en otro. Gracias!

    GRIS: SIN Testear
    VERDE: Funciona
    ROJO: No Funciona
    NARANJA. Autocompletable
    AZUL: Funciona a Medias

    DEEPHOLM (146 Quest)

    [ID 26581] A Head Full of Wind (fixeada)
    [ID 26871] A Rock Amongst Many
    [ID 26835] A Slight Problem
    [ID 26857] Abyssion's Minions
    [ID 26248] All Our Friends Are Dead (fixeada, no muy blizzlike. Problemas con npcs en barco en movimiento)
    [ID 26411] Apply and Flash Dry
    [ID 26750] At the Stonemother's Call
    [ID 26752] Audience With the Stonemother (Fixeada)
    [ID 26591] Battlefront Triage
    [ID 28488] Beneath the Surface
    [ID 26766] Big Game, Big Bait (Fixeada)
    [ID 26256] Bleed the Bloodshaper
    [ID 26861] Block the Gates (fixeada)
    [ID 26259] Blood of the Earthwarder (Mal linkeada)
    [ID 27935] Bring Down the Avalanche
    [ID 27936] Bring Down the Avalanche
    [ID 26246] Captain's Log (fixeada)
    [ID 26440] Clingy (Fixeada)
    [ID 26632] Close Escort (fixeada)
    [ID 26313] Core of Our Troubles
    [ID 26585] Corruption Destruction
    [ID 26312] Crumbling Defenses (Fixeada)
    [ID 26258] Deathwing's Fall (Fixeada)
    [ID 26242] Deepholm, Plane of Earth (Te subis al dracoleon pero quedas ahi montado nada mas)
    [ID 27123] Deepholm, Realm of Earth (NO se activa el Script del Evento al subirte al Wyvern)
    [ID 26869] Depth of the Depths
    [ID 26247] Diplomacy First
    [ID 26656] Don't. Stop. Moving. (Fixeada)
    [ID 26578] Doomshrooms
    [ID 26834] Down Into the Chasm
    [ID 27136] Elemental Energy (Fixead)
    [ID 26850] Elemental Ore
    [ID 27933] Elemental Ore
    [ID 26436] Entrenched
    [ID 26410] Explosive Bonding Compound
    [ID 26580] Familiar Intruders
    [ID 27046] Fear of Boring
    [ID 26564] Fixer Upper
    [ID 26658] Fragile Values (fixeada)
    [ID 27050] Fungal Fury
    [ID 26792] Fungal Monstrosities (Fixeada)
    [ID 28390] Glop, Son of Glop (Igual que Wrath of the Fungalmancer)
    [ID 26579] Gone Soft
    [ID 26245] Gunship Down
    [ID 26657] Hard Falls (No Blizzlike)
    [ID 26376] Hatred Runs Deep
    [ID 26315] Imposing Confrontation
    [ID 26438] Intervention
    [ID 26755] Keep Them off the Front (fixeada)
    [ID 26375] Loose Stones
    [ID 26710] Lost In The Deeps (Fixeada)
    [ID 26437] Making Things Crystal Clear
    [ID 27102] Maziel's Ascendancy
    [ID 27101] Maziel's Revelation
    [ID 27047] Motes
    [ID 26770] Mystic Masters
    [ID 26314] On Even Ground
    [ID 26250] On Second Thought, Take One Prisoner
    [ID 27934] One With the Ground (Fixeada)
    [ID 26828] Our Part of the Bargain
    [ID 28869] Pebble (Fixeada)
    [ID 26507] Petrified Delicacies (Fixeada)
    [ID 26439] Putting the Pieces Together (Fixeada)
    [ID 26261] Question the Slaves (fixeada)
    [ID 27010] Quicksilver Submersion
    [ID 26827] Rallying the Earthen Ring (fixeada)
    [ID 26762] Reactivate the Constructs (Fixeada)
    [ID 26836] Rescue the Stonefather... and Flint
    [ID 26659] Resonating Blow (No Blizzlike)
    [ID 26255] Return to the Temple of Earth
    [ID 26575] Rock Bottom
    [ID 26328] Rocky Relations
    [ID 26577] Rocky Upheaval[mal linkeada // Steady Hand]
    [ID 27126] Rush Delivery
    [ID 26501] Sealing the Way (Fixeada)
    [ID 26584] Shaken and Stirred[mal linkeada requiere Unnatural Causes]
    [ID 26537] Shatter Them!
    [ID 27007] Silvermarsh Rendezvous
    [ID 26441] So Big, So Round...
    [ID 27049] Soft Rock
    [ID 26254] Some Spraining to Do (Se puso autocompletable).
    [ID 27135] Something that Burns (fixeada)
    [ID 26791] Sprout No More (Fixeada)
    [ID 26576] Steady Hand (Fixeada)
    [ID 26499] Stonefather's Boon
    [ID 26413] Take Him To the Earthcaller (Fixeada)
    [ID 26251] Take No Prisoners
    [ID 26771] Testing the Trap (fixeada)
    [ID 26249] The Admiral's Cabin
    [ID 27932] The Axe of Earthly Sundering (Fixeada)
    [ID 26971] The Binding (No Blizzlike)
    [ID 26244] The Earth Claims All
    [ID 26260] The Forgemaster's LOG
    [ID 27937] The Hero Returns
    [ID 26853] The Middle Fragment
    [ID 27938] The Middle Fragment
    [ID 26847] The Quaking Fields
    [ID 27931] The Quaking Fields
    [ID 28391] The Restless Brood
    [ID 26829] The Stone March
    [ID 26709] The Stone Throne
    [ID 26831] The Twilight Flight[ver video]
    [ID 27061] The Twilight Overlook
    [ID 26326] The Very Earth Beneath Our Feet (Mal linkeada)
    [ID 26876] The World Pillar Fragment (fixeada)
    [ID 26832] Therazane's Mercy
    [ID 27051] Through Persistence
    [ID 26502] Thunder Stones
    [ID 26768] To Catch a Dragon
    [ID 26484] To Stonehearth's Aid
    [ID 26625] Troggzor the Earthinator
    [ID 27100] Twilight Research
    [ID 27048] Underground Economy
    [ID 26875] Undying Twilight
    [ID 26582] Unnatural Causes
    [ID 26377] Unsolid Ground
    [ID 26426] Violent Gale (fixeada)
    [ID 26500] We're Surrounded
    [ID 26409] Where's Goldmine?
    [ID 26427] Without a Captain Or Crew (Los contenedores quedan flotando y no se pueden agarrar)
    [ID 26833] Word In Stone
    [ID 26583] Wrath of the Fungalmancer[Mal Fase][npc 43503 Norsala no activa el evento, no da el credito]
    [ID 27203] The Maelstrom (fixeada)
    [ID 27040] Decryption Made Easy [A] (fixeada)
    [ID 27041] Decryption Made Easy [H] (fixeada)
    [ID 27042] Fight Fire And Water And Air with... [A] (fixeada)
    [ID 27043] Fight Fire And Water And Air with... [H] (fixeada)
    [ID 27006] Fly Over [A] (fixeada)
    [ID 27008] Fly Over [H] (fixeada)
    [ID 27952] The Explorers [A]
    [ID 27953] The Reliquary [H]
    [ID 27004] The Twilight Plot [A]
    [ID 27005] The Twilight Plot [H]
    [ID 27058] The Wrong Sequence [A] (fixeada)
    [ID 27059] The Wrong Sequence [H] (fixeada)
    [ID 29329]Elemental Bonds: Patience [npc 53738,falta gossip que activa el evento] (diaria)
    [ID 29338] Into Unrelenting Flame [mal linkeada. npc: 53738, falta gossip] (diaria)

    GILNEAS - City - Ruins

    Gilneas City (33 quest) [Allys]
    [ID 14093] All Hell Breaks Loose
    [ID 14218] By Blood And Ash
    [ID 14154] By the Skin of His Teeth
    [ID 14098] Evacuate the Merchant Square
    [ID 14222] Last Stand
    [ID 14078] Lockdown!
    [ID 14214] Message To Greymane
    [ID 14221] Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat
    [ID 14157] Old Divisions
    [ID 14099] Royal Orders
    [ID 14212] Sacrifices
    [ID 14285] Safety In numbers
    [ID 14286] Safety In numbers
    [ID 14287] Safety In numbers
    [ID 14289] Safety In numbers
    [ID 14290] Safety In numbers
    [ID 14291] Safety In numbers
    [ID 14094] Salvage the Supplies
    [ID 14293] Save Krennan Aranas
    [ID 14278] Seek the Sister
    [ID 14273] Shady Associates
    [ID 14275] Someone's Keeping Track of You
    [ID 14269] Someone's Looking For You
    [ID 14091] Something`s Amiss
    [ID 28850] The Prison Rooftop
    [ID 14280] The Winds Know Your Name... Apparently
    [ID 14294] Time to Regroup
    [ID 24930] While You're At It
    [ID 14265] Your Instructor
    [ID 24920] Slowing the Inevitable
    [ID 24902] The Hunt For Sylvanas
    [ID 24903] Vengeance or Survival

    GILNEAS (83 quest) [Allys]

    [ID 14002] A Job for a Bloodhound
    [ID 14283] A Rejuvenating Touch
    [ID 13972] Among Humans Again
    [ID 14277] Arcane Inquiries
    [ID 14281] Arcane Missiles
    [ID 26129] Brothers In Arms
    [ID 14266] Charge
    [ID 14272] Eviscerate
    [ID 14027] Face to Face
    [ID 14279] Flash Heal
    [ID 14204] From the Shadows
    [ID 14274] Immolate
    [ID 14015] Incomplete Cartography
    [ID 14375] Last Chance at Humanity
    [ID 13978] Lurkers in the Mist
    [ID 14026] Off With a Bang
    [ID 14288] Safety in numbers
    [ID 14276] Steady Shot
    [ID 14020] The Curse
    [ID 14159] The Rebel Lord's Arsenal
    [ID 14220] This Is the End
    [ID 13984] Tracking Our Every Move
    [ID 14415] Apparitions in the Orchard
    [ID 14396] As the Land Shatters
    [ID 14405] Escape By Sea
    [ID 14397] Evacuation
    [ID 24438] Exodus
    [ID 14395] Gasping for Breath
    [ID 14398] Grandma Wahl
    [ID 14401] Grandma's Cat
    [ID 25331] Grandma's Cat
    [ID 14399] Grandma's Lost It Alright
    [ID 14463] Horses for Duskhaven
    [ID 14400] I Can't Wear This
    [ID 14386] Leader of the Pack
    [ID 14404] Not Quite Shipshape
    [ID 14402] Ready to Go
    [ID 14406] The Crowley Orchard
    [ID 14403] The Hayward Brothers
    [ID 14416] The Hungry Ettin
    [ID 14466] The King's Observatory
    [ID 14465] To Greymane Manor
    [ID 14382] Two By Sea
    [ID 14369] Unleash the Beast
    [ID 14412] Washed Up
    [ID 14313] Among Humans Again
    [ID 24627] At Our Doorstep
    [ID 24592] Betrayal at Tempest's Reach
    [ID 24677] Flank the Forsaken
    [ID 14319] Further Treatment
    [ID 14347] Hold the Line
    [ID 14366] Holding Steady
    [ID 14320] In Need of Ingredients
    [ID 24772] Introductions Are in Order
    [ID 14321] Invasion
    [ID 24680] Keel Harbor
    [ID 14336] Kill or Be Killed
    [ID 24678] Knee-Deep (fixeada)
    [ID 24602] Laid to Rest
    [ID 24675] Last Meal
    [ID 24575] Liberation Day (fixeada)
    [ID 24616] Losing Your Tail (fixeada)
    [ID 24593] Neither Human Nor Beast
    [ID 24672] Onwards and Upwards
    [ID 24679] Patriarch's Blessing
    [ID 24484] Pest Control
    [ID 24495] Pieces of the Past
    [ID 24628] Preparations
    [ID 24676] Push Them Out
    [ID 24501] Queen-Sized Troubles
    [ID 24673] Return to Stormglen
    [ID 14368] Save the Children!
    [ID 24674] Slaves to No One
    [ID 24483] Stormglen
    [ID 24468] Stranded at the Marsh
    [ID 24646] Take Back What's Ours (fixeada)
    [ID 14367] The Allens' Storm Cellar
    [ID 24904] The Battle for Gilneas City
    [ID 24578] The Blackwald
    [ID 24681] They Have Allies, But So Do We (Fixeada)
    [ID 14317] Tremors
    [ID 14348] You Can't Take 'Em Alone (Fixeada)
    [ID 26706] Endgame
    Ruins of Gilneas (15 quest) [Horda]

    [ID 14434] Rut'theran Village [A]
    [ID 24617] Tal'doren, the Wild Home [A]
    [ID 27349] Break in Communications: Dreadwatch Outpost
    [ID 27350] Break in Communications: Rutsak's Guard
    [ID 27405] Fall Back!
    [ID 27342] In Time, All Will Be Revealed
    [ID 27322] Korok the Colossus
    [ID 27333] Losing Ground
    [ID 27364] On Whose Orders?
    [ID 27345] The F.C.D.
    [ID 27290] To Forsaken Forward Command
    [ID 27360] Vengeance for Our Soldiers
    [ID 27401] What Tomorrow BringsAuto Accept
    [ID 27406] A Man Named Godfrey
    [ID 27423] Resistance is Futile

    MOUNT HYJAL (147 Quest)

    Puede haber quedado alguna suelta, pero todas las misiones de la zona están linkeadas como corresponde.
    [ID 25731] A Bird in Hand
    [ID 25494] A Champion's Collar
    [ID 25758] A Gap in Their Armor
    [ID 25411] A New Master
    [ID 25665] A Plea From Beyond
    [ID 25664] A Prayer and a Wing
    [ID 25324] A Prisioner of Interest
    [ID 25372] Aessina's Miracle (fixeada. Sin animación).
    [ID 25499] Agility Training: Run Like Hell! (fixeada)
    [ID 25520] An Ancient Awakens (fixeada)
    [ID 25807] An Ancient Reborn
    [ID 25663] An Offering for Aviana
    [ID 25316] As Hyjal Burns
    [ID 27874] Aviana's Legacy
    [ID 25428] Black Heart of Flame (fixeada)
    [ID 25514] Breaking the Bonds (Fixeada, faltan las cadenas y cambio de fase en zona)
    [ID 25899] Breakthrough
    [ID 25519] Children of Tortolla (hecha blizzlike)
    [ID 25599] Cindermaul, the Portal Master
    [ID 25278] Cleaning House [A]
    [ID 25277] Cleaning House [H]
    [ID 25597] Commander Jarod Shadowsong
    [ID 25577] Crushing the Cores
    [ID 25761] Disassembly
    [ID 25382] Disrupting the Rituals
    [ID 25491] Durable Seeds
    [ID 25764] Egg Hunt
    [ID 25560] Egg Wave
    [ID 25303] Elementary!
    [ID 25430] Emerald Allies
    [ID 25233] End of the Supply Line
    [ID 25740] Fact-Finding Mission
    [ID 25381] Fighting Fire With... Anything
    [ID 25923] Finish Nemesis
    [ID 25492] Firebreak
    [ID 25842] Firefight
    [ID 25323] Flamebreaker
    [ID 25574] Flames from Above
    [ID 25523] Fligth in the Firelands
    [ID 25575] Forged of Shadow and Flame
    [ID 25600] Forgemaster Pyrendius
    [ID 25298] Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows
    [ID 25493] Fresh Bait
    [ID 25297] From the Mouth of Madness
    [ID 25328] Gar'gol's Gotta Go
    [ID 25296] Gather the Intelligence
    [ID 25332] Get Me Outta Here!
    [ID 25271] Goldrinn's Ferocity [A]
    [ID 29066] Good News...and Bad News
    [ID 25315] Graduation Speech
    [ID 25496] Grudge Match (Fixeada)
    [ID 25255] Harrying the Hunters
    [ID 25601] Head of the Class
    [ID 25507] Hell's Shells (fixeada mas blizzlike)
    [ID 25270] Howling Mad [H]
    [ID 25901] Hyjal Recycling Program
    [ID 25404] If You're Not Againts Us...
    [ID 25224] In Bloom
    [ID 25234] In the Rear With the Gear
    [ID 25370] Inciting the Elements
    [ID 25623] Into the Maw! [A]
    [ID 25618] Into the Maw! [A]

    [ID 25617] Into the Maw! [H]
    [ID 25624] Into the Maw! [H]
    [ID 25940] Last Stand at Whistling Grove
    [ID 25353] Lightning in a Bottle [A]
    [ID 25355] Lightning in a Bottle [H]
    [ID 25881] Lost Wardens (fixeada)
    [ID 25273] Lycanthoth the Corruptor [A]
    [ID 25272] Lycanthoth the Corruptor [H]
    [ID 25301] Mastering Puppets
    [ID 25299] Mental Training: Speaking the Truth to Power
    [ID 25548] Might of the Firelord
    [ID 25392] Oh, Deer!
    [ID 25509] Physical Training: Forced Labor (fixeada)
    [ID 25502] Prepping the Soil
    [ID 25886] Pressing the Advantage
    [ID 25317] Protect the World Tree
    [ID 25576] Rage of the Wolf Ancient
    [ID 25611] Return from the Firelands [A]
    [ID 25612] Return from the Firelands [H]
    [ID 25424] Return to Alysra
    [ID 25832] Return to Aviana
    [ID 25312] Return to Duskwhisper
    [ID 25578] Return to Nordrassil
    [ID 25795] Return to the Shrine
    [ID 25385] Save the Wee Animals
    [ID 25656] Scrambling for Eggs
    [ID 25554] Secrets of the Flame
    [ID 25308] Seeds of Discord
    [ID 25408] Seeds of Their Demise
    [ID 25746] Sethria's Brood
    [ID 25776] Sethria's Demise
    [ID 25274] Signed in Blood (fixeada)
    [ID 25608] Slash and Burn (fixeada, no muy blizzlike. Sin cambios de fase)
    [ID 25490] Smashing Through Ashes
    [ID 25314] Speech Writing for Dummies
    [ID 25309] Spiritual Training: Mercy is for the Weak
    [ID 25352] Sweeping the Shelf [A]
    [ID 25354] Sweeping the Shelf [H]
    [ID 25653] The Ancients are With Us
    [ID 25462] The Bears Up There
    [ID 25320] The Captured Scout
    [ID 25763] The Codex of Shadows
    [ID 25460] The Earth Rises
    [ID 25300] The Eye of Twilight
    [ID 25630] The Fires of Mount Hyjal
    [ID 25472] The Flameseer's Staff
    [ID 25310] The Greater of Two Evils
    [ID 25904] The Hammer and the Key
    [ID 25810] The Hatchery Must Burn
    [ID 25830] The Last Living Lorekeeper
    [ID 25412] The Name Never Spoken
    [ID 25464] The Return of Baron Geddon
    [ID 25584] The Return of the Ancients
    [ID 25549] The Sanctum of the Prophets
    [ID 25280] The Shrine Reclaimed [A]
    [ID 25279] The Shrine Reclaimed [H]
    [ID 25915] The Strength of Tortolla (Fixeada)
    [ID 25906] The Third Flamegate (Fixeada)
    [ID 25910] The Time for Mercy has Passed (fixeada)
    [ID 25268] The Voice of Goldrinn [A]
    [ID 25269] The Voice of Lo'Gosh [H]
    [ID 25655] The Wormwing Problem
    [ID 25325] Through the Dream
    [ID 25510] Tortolla Speaks
    [ID 25843] Tortolla's Revenge
    [ID 25928] Tortolla's Triumph
    [ID 25223] Trial By Fire
    [ID 25321] Twilight Captivity
    [ID 25531] Twilight Riot
    [ID 25311] Twilight Territory
    [ID 25291] Twilight Training
    [ID 29177] Vigilance on Wings
    [ID 25294] Walking the Dog (Fixeada)
    [ID 25319] War on the Twilight's Hammer
    [ID 25330] Waste of Flesh
    [ID 25525] Wave One
    [ID 25544] Wave Two

    [ID 25985] Wings Over Mount Hyjal
    [ID 25276] Your New Identity
    [ID 25552] Brood of Evil
    [ID 25553] Death to the Broodmoher
    [ID 25550] Magma Monarch
    [ID 25551] The Firelord
    [ID 25555] The Gatekeeper (fixeada)
    [ID 25644] The Twilight Egg
    [ID 29437] The Fallen Guardian
    [ID 27399]The Battle Is Won. The War Goes
    [ID 27398]The Battle Is Won. The War Goes
    [ID 29202]The Fate of Runetotem


    Kezan (32 Quest) [Horda]

    [ID 14125] 447
    [ID 14120] A Bazillion Macaroons?!
    [ID 14070] Do it Yourself
    [ID 24503] Fourth and Goal [desactivada]
    [ID 28414] Fourth and Goal
    [ID 24520] Give Sassy the News
    [ID 14069] Good Help is Hard to Find
    [ID 25473] Kaja'Cola (Fixeada)
    [ID 14124] Liberate the Kaja'mite
    [ID 14126] Life Savings (fixeada)
    [ID 14113] Life of the Party (fixeada)
    [ID 14153] Life of the Party (fixeada)
    [ID 28349] Megs in Marketing
    [ID 24502] Necessary Roughness
    [ID 26711] Off to the Bank
    [ID 26712] Off to the Bank
    [ID 14115] Pirate Party Crashers
    [ID 24521] Report for Tryouts
    [ID 24567] Report for Tryouts
    [ID 14121] Robbing Hoods
    [ID 14071] Rolling with my Homies (fixeada)
    [ID 14138] Taking Care of Business
    [ID 14122] The Great Bank Heist
    [ID 28606] The Keys to the Hot Rod
    [ID 28607] The Keys to the Hot Rod
    [ID 14109] The New You
    [ID 14110] The New You
    [ID 24488] The Replacements (fixeada)
    [ID 14116] The Uninvited Guest
    [ID 14075] Trouble in the Mines
    [ID 14123] Waltz Right In
    [ID 25902] Your First Totem!

    The Lost Isles (80 Quest) [Horda]
    [ID 24817] A Goblin in Shark's Clothing (fixeada)
    [ID 14303] Back to Aggra
    [ID 24858] Bilgewater Cartel Represent (blizzlike)
    [ID 24935] Body And Soul (Deprecated)
    [ID 24936] Body And Soul (Deprecated)
    [ID 25099] Borrow Bastia
    [ID 25124] Brute Brutality (Deprecated)
    [ID 14031] Capturing the Unknown
    [ID 24954] Children of a Turtle God
    [ID 24671] Cluster Cluck (fixeada)
    [ID 14239] Don't Go Into the Light! (fixeada)
    [ID 25214] Escape Velocity (fixeada)
    [ID 14445] Farewell, For Now
    [ID 25251] Final Confrontation
    [ID 14237] Forward Movement
    [ID 24925] Free the Captives (mas blizzlike)
    [ID 24897] Get Back to Town
    [ID 14014] Get Our Stuff Back!
    [ID 14241] Get to the Gyrochoppa!
    [ID 14001]Goblin Escape Pods
    [ID 14474] Goblin Escape Pods
    [ID 25207] Good-bye, Sweet Oil
    [ID 14248] Help Wanted
    [ID 27139] Hobart Needs You
    [ID 14238] Infrared = Infradead (fixed)
    [ID 24856] Invasion Imminent!
    [ID 24864] Irresistible Pool Pony (fixeada)
    [ID 14473] It's Our Problem Now
    [ID 14245] It's a Town-In-A-Box (fixeado cambio fase)
    [ID 25110] Kaja'Cola Gives You IDEAS! (TM)
    [ID 25100] Let's Ride
    [ID 25125] Light at the End of the Tunnel
    [ID 14326] Meet Me Up Top
    [ID 25058] Mine Disposal, the Goblin Way
    [ID 14021] Miner Troubles (Fixeada)
    [ID 14019] Monkey Business
    [ID 25122] Morale Boost
    [ID 24859] Naga Hide (fixeada)
    [ID 25225] Oil Change (Deprecated)
    [ID 25023] Old Friends
    [ID 24937] Oomlot Dealt With
    [ID 24924] Oomlot Village
    [ID 14233] Orcs Can Write?
    [ID 14242] Precious Cargo
    [ID 24860] Profitable Preservation (Deprecated)
    [ID 25204] Release the Valves
    [ID 25024] Repel the Paratroopers
    [ID 24952] Rocket Boot Boost
    [ID 24946] Rockin' Powder
    [ID 24929] Send a Message
    [ID 25243] She Loves Me, She Loves Me NOT!
    [ID 25200] Shredder Shutdown
    [ID 25231] Southseas Scum (Deprecated)
    [ID 24868] Surrender or Else! (bastante mas blizzlike)
    [ID 24744] The Biggest Egg Ever
    [ID 14234] The Enemy of My Enemy
    [ID 25202] The Fastest Way to His Heart
    [ID 25109] The Gallywix Labor Mine
    [ID 25093] The Heads of the SI:7
    [ID 25066] The Pride of Kezan (fixeada)
    [ID 25213] The Slave Pits
    [ID 25201] The Ultimate Footbomb Uniform
    [ID 14235] The Vicious Vale
    [ID 24945] Three Little Pygmies
    [ID 25123] Throw It On the Ground! (no blizzlike)
    [ID 14240] To the Cliffs
    [ID 24901] Town-In-A-Box: Under Attack
    [ID 24741] Trading Up
    [ID 24940] Up the Volcano
    [ID 14244] Up, Up & Away! (fixeada)
    [ID 25265] Victory!
    [ID 24958] Volcanoth!
    [ID 14243] Warchief's Revenge
    [ID 14236] Weed Whacker
    [ID 25244] What Kind of Name is Candy, Anyway?
    [ID 25203] What Kind of Name is Chip, Anyway?
    [ID 24816] Who's Top of the Food Chain Now?
    [ID 25184] Wild Mine Cart Ride
    [ID 24942] Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots
    [ID 25903] It's Hot and it Might Explode (Deprecated)
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    Re: Quest List - Nuevos Mapas



    [ID 28001] A Coward's Due
    [ID 27649] A Steady Supply
    [ID 28241] A Vision of Twilight
    [ID 28598] Aiming High
    [ID 27537] Any Portal in a Storm
    [ID 27647] Anything But Water
    [ID 27814] Anything We Can Get
    [ID 28864] Beer Run
    [ID 27514] Bird Down! Bird Down!
    [ID 28597] Burnin' at Both Ends
    [ID 27645] Cayden Dunwald
    [ID 27807] Clan Mullan
    [ID 27813] Death Worthy of a Dragonmaw
    [ID 27651] Doing It Like a Dunwald
    [ID 27643] Donnelly Dunwald
    [ID 27754] Dragonmaw Takedown
    [ID 27817] Dropping the Hammer
    [ID 27640] Dunwalds Don't Die
    [ID 27644] Eoin Dunwald
    [ID 28244] Eye Spy
    [ID 27752] Fight Like a Wildhammer
    [ID 28861] Fight Like a Wildhammer
    [ID 27646] Finding Beak
    [ID 27809] Firebeard Bellows
    [ID 27621] Firebeard's Patrol
    [ID 27650] Home Again
    [ID 27806] Honorable Bearing
    [ID 28212] Hot Stuff
    [ID 28860] Keeping the Dragonmaw at Bay
    [ID 28599] Kurdran's Waitin'
    [ID 27366] Landgrab
    [ID 28281] Last Stand at Thundermar
    [ID 28216] Magmalord Falthazar
    [ID 28369] My Sister, Fanny
    [ID 27178] Naga Reinforcements
    [ID 28282] Narkrall, The Drake-Tamer
    [ID 27753] Never Leave a Dinner Behind
    [ID 28862] Never Leave a Dinner Behind
    [ID 27648] Once More Into The Fire
    [ID 27338] Our Boys on the Shore
    [ID 27816] Personal Request
    [ID 28215] Potential Energy
    [ID 27515] Roots'll Do 'Er
    [ID 27177] Salvage Operation
    [ID 27341] Scouting the Shore
    [ID 27433] Shredderectomy
    [ID 27468] Siege Tank Rescue
    [ID 27642] Sifting Through The Wreckage
    [ID 27200] Siren's Song
    [ID 27805] Small Comforts
    [ID 27815] Somethin' for the Boys
    [ID 28408] Something Bold
    [ID 28409] Something Brewed
    [ID 28411] Something Stewed
    [ID 28410] Something Stolen
    [ID 27808] Stubborn as a Doyle
    [ID 28280] Tear Them From the Sky!
    [ID 28211] Tempered in Elemental Flame
    [ID 28346] The Bachelor
    [ID 28407] The Bachelorette
    [ID 28243] The Eye Have It
    [ID 27999] The Fate of the Doyles
    [ID 27810] The Fighting Spirit
    [ID 28294] The Kirthaven Summit
    [ID 28233] The Lost Brother
    [ID 27812] The Loyalty of Clan Mullan
    [ID 27374] The Maw of Madness
    [ID 27804] The Only Homes We Have
    [ID 27538] The Perfect Poultice
    [ID 27811] The Scent of Battle
    [ID 27545] The Way is Open
    [ID 28234] They Took Me Pants!
    [ID 28832] Twilight Shores
    [ID 28863] Warlord Halthar is Back
    [ID 28242] We All Must Sacrifice
    [ID 27803] Welcome Relief
    [ID 28596] Welcome to Highbank!
    [ID 27641] While Meeting The Family
    [ID 28655] Wild, Wild, Wildhamer Wedding
    [ID 27516] Wings Over Highbank
    [ID 28413] Word and Music By...
    [ID 27711] Back to the Elementium Depths
    [ID 27654] Bring the Hammer Down
    [ID 27496] Call in the Artillery
    [ID 27702] Coup de Grace
    [ID 27652] Dark Assassins
    [ID 27688] Distract Them for Me
    [ID 27700] Dragon, Unchained
    [ID 28103] Easy Pickings
    [ID 28378] Find Fanny
    [ID 27500] Four Heads are Better than None
    [ID 27657] Help from the Earthcaller
    [ID 28108] If The Key Fits
    [ID 27636] Just You and Mathias
    [ID 27782] Mathias Needs You
    [ID 28101] Mathias' Command
    [ID 27494] Move the Mountain
    [ID 27720] Mr. Goldmine's Wild Ride
    [ID 28379] Ogre Bashin'
    [ID 27492] Ogres & Ettins
    [ID 28107] Paving the Way
    [ID 28104] Precious Goods
    [ID 28109] Pressing Forward
    [ID 28377] Rescue at Glopgut's Hollow
    [ID 27490] SI:7 Drop
    [ID 27588] Signal the Attack
    [ID 27498] Signal the Attack
    [ID 27787] Skullcrusher the Mountain
    [ID 27864] The Crucible of Carnage: The Deadly Dragonmaw!
    [ID 27695] The Elementium Axe
    [ID 27784] The Hammer of Twilight
    [ID 27502] Up to the Citadel
    [ID 28248] Victors' Point
    [ID 27485] Warm Welcome
    [ID 27719] Water of Life

    [ID 27947] A Vision of Twilight
    [ID 28873] Another Maw to Feed
    [ID 28041] Bait and Throttle
    [ID 27606] Blast Him!
    [ID 27584] Blood in the Surf
    [ID 27611] Blood on the Sand
    [ID 28875] Bring Down the High Shaman
    [ID 26788] Cementing Our Victory
    [ID 27751] Crushing the Wildhammer
    [ID 26540] Dangerous Compassion
    [ID 26622] Death to Mor'ghor
    [ID 27929] Drag 'em Down
    [ID 26538] Emergency Aid
    [ID 28589] Everything But the Kitchen Sink
    [ID 27955] Eye Spy
    [ID 28133] Fury Unbound
    [ID 28594] Highbank, Crybank
    [ID 28874] Hook 'em High
    [ID 28043] How to Maim Your Dragon
    [ID 26621] Insurrection
    [ID 28595] Krazz Works!
    [ID 28583] Krazzworks
    [ID 26549] Madness
    [ID 27622] Mo' Better Shredder
    [ID 27684] Muddied Waters
    [ID 27690] Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer
    [ID 26608] Negotiations Terminated
    [ID 28593] Of Utmost Importance
    [ID 28591] Off The Wall
    [ID 27945] Paint it Black
    [ID 28592] Parting Packages
    [ID 28586] Pool Pony Rescue
    [ID 28584] Quality Construction
    [ID 28590] Reprisal
    [ID 26840] Return to the Highlands
    [ID 27610] Scouting the Shore
    [ID 27786] Securing the Beach Head
    [ID 27586] Shells on the Sea Shore
    [ID 26539] Stalled Negotiations
    [ID 28123] The Demon Chain
    [ID 27954] The Eye Have It
    [ID 27583] The Northern Flank
    [ID 27607] The Southern Flank
    [ID 26798] The Warchief Will be Pleased
    [ID 27375] The Weeping Wound
    [ID 28872] Total War
    [ID 27747] Total War
    [ID 27750] War Forage
    [ID 27951] We All Must Sacrifice
    [ID 28588] Wildhammer Infestation
    [ID 26619] You Say You Want a Revolution
    [ID 27712] Back to the Elementium Depths
    [ID 28038] Blood in the Highlands
    [ID 27655] Bring the Hammer Down
    [ID 27497] Call in the Artillery
    [ID 27703] Coup de Grace
    [ID 28249] Crushblow
    [ID 27653] Dark Assassins
    [ID 27689] Distract Them for Me
    [ID 27701] Dragon, Unchained
    [ID 28151] Dressed to Kill
    [ID 28091] Easy Pickings
    [ID 27501] Four Heads are Better than None
    [ID 27783] Garona Needs You
    [ID 27658] Help from the Earthcaller
    [ID 28092] If The Key Fits
    [ID 27638] Just You and Garona
    [ID 27491] Kor'kron Drop
    [ID 27495] Move the Mountain
    [ID 28885] Mr. Goldmine's Wild Ride
    [ID 28170] Night Terrors
    [ID 27493] Ogres & Ettins
    [ID 27576] Patchwork Command
    [ID 28094] Paving the Way
    [ID 28090] Precious Goods
    [ID 28093] Pressing Forward
    [ID 28147] Purple is Your Color
    [ID 27499] Signal the Attack
    [ID 27590] Signal the Attack
    [ID 27788] Skullcrusher the Mountain
    [ID 27865] The Crucible of Carnage: The Wayward Wildhammer!
    [ID 27696] The Elementium Axe
    [ID 28097] The Grates of Grim Batol
    [ID 27786] The Hammer of Twilight
    [ID 28166] Thog's Nightlight
    [ID 27503] Up to the Citadel
    [ID 27486] Warm Welcome
    [ID 27798] Water of Life
    [ID 28149] Whispers in the Wind

    [ID 27377] Devoured
    [ID 27303] Mercy for the Bound
    [ID 27300] Pushing Back
    [ID 27302] Simple Solutions
    [ID 27376] The Maw of Iso'rath
    [ID 27379] The Terrors of Iso'rath
    [ID 27378] The Worldbreaker
    [ID 27299] Torn Ground
    [ID 27301] Unbroken
    [ID 27745] A Fiery Reunion
    [ID 28191] A Fitting End
    [ID 27742] A Little on the Side
    [ID 28171] And the Sky Streaked Red
    [ID 28758] Battle of Life and Death
    [ID 28173] Blackout
    [ID 27509] Breach in the Defenses
    [ID 27505] Draconic Mending
    [ID 27507] Encroaching Twilight
    [ID 28712] Enter the Dragon Queen
    [ID 27504] Even Dragons Bleed
    [ID 27508] Far from the Nest
    [ID 27661] Fire the Cannon
    [ID 28176] Following the Young Home
    [ID 27564] In Defense of the Redoubt
    [ID 28247] Last of Her Kind
    [ID 27506] Life from Death
    [ID 27380] Nightmare
    [ID 27659] Portal Overload
    [ID 27744] Rune Ruination
    [ID 28175] Shining Through the Dark
    [ID 27660] Spirit of the Loch
    [ID 27866] The Crucible of Carnage: Calder's Creation!
    [ID 27863] The Crucible of Carnage: The Bloodeye Bruiser!
    [ID 27867] The Crucible of Carnage: The Earl of Evisceration!
    [ID 27868] The Crucible of Carnage: The Twilight Terror!
    [ID 27662] Unbinding
    [ID 27743] While We're Here

    ULDUM (115 Quest)

    [ID 27761] A Disarming Distraction
    [ID 27928] A Favor for the Furrier
    [ID 27624] After the Fall (Fixeada)
    [ID 28135] Al' Akir' Vengeance
    [ID 27839] Ancient Weapons
    [ID 27943] Angered Spirits
    [ID 27760] Artificial Intelligence
    [ID 28403] Bad Datas
    [ID 27990] Battlezone
    [ID 27517] Be Prepared
    [ID 27924] Budd's Plan
    [ID 27549] By the Light of the Stars
    [ID 28352] Camel Tow (se utiliza el item quest sobre el mismo mob)
    [ID 27623] Colossal Guardians
    [ID 27777] Core Access Codes
    [ID 28002] Crisis Management
    [ID 27940] Dirty Birds
    [ID 27669] Do the Honors
    [ID 27187] Do the World a Favor
    [ID 27926] Eastern Hospitality
    [ID 27003] Easy Money
    [ID 28132] Efficient Excavations
    [ID 28112] Escape From the Lost City (Mal linkeada)(No blizlike)
    [ID 27941] Fashionism
    [ID 27179] Field Work (Fixeada)
    [ID 28497] Fire From the Sky
    [ID 28736] Fire From the Sky
    [ID 28267] Firing Squad (sin cinematica)
    [ID 27748] Fortune and Glory
    [ID 28273] Friend of a Friend
    [ID 27779] Gnomebiliteration
    [ID 27950] Gobbles!
    [ID 27778] Hacking the Wibson (Fixeada)
    [ID 28612] Harrison Jones and Temple of Uldum
    [ID 28404] I'll Do it By Hand
    [ID 27900] I've Got This Guy
    [ID 27942] Idolatry
    [ID 27903] Ignition
    [ID 28134] Impending Retribution (Fixeada)
    [ID 28353] Jonesy Sent For You
    [ID 27627] Just a Fancy Cockroach
    [ID 27176] Just the Tip (Fixeada)
    [ID 28105] Kavem the Callous
    [ID 27541] Lessons From the Past
    [ID 28193] Lockdown! (fixeada)
    [ID 27969] Make Yourself Useful
    [ID 28350] Master Trapper
    [ID 28269] Meet Me In Vir'sar (Fixeada)
    [ID 27520] Minions of Al'Akir
    [ID 28187] Missed Me By Zhat Much! (Fixeada)
    [ID 28272] Missing Pieces
    [ID 28376] Myzerian's Head
    [ID 27707] Neferset Prison
    [ID 27196] On to Something (Fixeada)
    [ID 28201] Ploughshares to Swords
    [ID 27141] Premature Explosionation
    [ID 28621] Put That Baby in the Cradle!
    [ID 28271] Reduced Productivity
    [ID 28141] Relic of the Sun King
    [ID 28291] Return to Camp
    [ID 28277] Salhet the Tactician
    [ID 28276] Slahet's Secret
    [ID 28402] Schnottz So Fast
    [ID 28613] See You on the Other Side!
    [ID 27628] Send Word to Phaoris
    [ID 28195] Sending a Message (se corrige posicion npc)
    [ID 28210] Shaping Up (Fixeada)
    [ID 28367] Shroud of the Makers
    [ID 27923] Smoke in Their Eyes (Anda)
    [ID 28363] Strirred the Hornet's Nest
    [ID 27836] Stopping the Spread
    [ID 28482] Sullah's Gift (Corregir ubicacion de NPC)
    [ID 27905] Tailgunner!
    [ID 27993] Take it to 'Em! (Fixeada)
    [ID 27632] Tanotep's Son
    [ID 27899]That Gleam in his Eye
    [ID 28633] The Coffer of Promise
    [ID 27755] The Curse of the Tombs
    [ID 27939] The Desert Fox
    [ID 28200] The Element of Supplies
    [ID 28194] The Great Escape
    [ID 27631] The High Commander's Vote
    [ID 27630] The High Priest's Vote
    [ID 27738] The Pit of Scales
    [ID 27595] The Prophet Hadassi
    [ID 27602] The Prohet's Dying Words
    [ID 27838] The Root of the Corruption
    [ID 27706] The Scepter of Orsis
    [ID 27511] The Thrill if Discovery
    [ID 28198] The Weakest Link
    [ID 27901] They Don't Know What They've Got Here (Fixeada)
    [ID 28250] Thieving Little Pluckers
    [ID 28622] Three if by Air
    [ID 27431] Tipping the Balance
    [ID 27922] Traitors!
    [ID 27837] Trespassers in the Water (Fixeada)
    [ID 28274] Two Tents
    [ID 27519] Under the Choking Sands
    [ID 28351] Unlimited Potential (item quest se reutiliza sobre el mismo mob)
    [ID 28145] Venomblood Antidote (item quest se reutiliza sobre el mismo mob)
    [ID 28483]Bleeding the Enemy
    [ID 28558] Hero's Call: Uldum! [A]
    [ID 28480] Lieutenants of Darkness
    [ID 28561]Nahom Must Hold
    [ID 28499] Punish the Trespassers
    [ID 28486] Salhet's Gambit
    [ID 28502] The Bandit Warlord
    [ID 28500] The Cypher of Keset
    [ID 28501] The Defense of Nahom
    [ID 28611] The Defilers' Ritual
    [ID 28520] The Fail of Neferset City
    [ID 28533] The High Council's Decision
    [ID 28623] The Push Westward
    [ID 28498] The Secret of Nahom
    [ID 27629] The Vizier's Vote
    [ID 28557] Warchief's Command: Uldum! [H]
    [ID 28870] Return to the Lost City
    [ID 28845] The Vortex Pinacle


    Abyssal Depths (59 quest)


    [ID 26017] A Lure
    [ID 25977] A Standard Day for Azrajar
    [ID 26142] Ascend No More!
    [ID 26103] Bio-Fuel
    [ID 26105] Claim Korthun's End
    [ID 26121] Claim Korthun's End
    [ID 26070] Clearing the Defiled
    [ID 26018] Coldlights Out
    [ID 26193] Defending the Rift
    [ID 26019] Enormous Eel Egg
    [ID 26132] Fiends from the Netherworld
    [ID 26106] Fuel-ology 101
    [ID 26080] One Last Favor
    [ID 26015] Phosphora Hunting
    [ID 25983] Promontory Point
    [ID 25987] Put It On
    [ID 25950] Sira'kess Slaying
    [ID 26014] The Brothers Digsong
    [ID 26021] The Brothers Digsong 2: Eel-Egg-Trick Boogaloo
    [ID 26056] The Wavespeaker
    [ID 25981] Those Aren't Masks
    [ID 25975] Treasure Reclamation
    [ID 26087] "Glow-Juice"
    [ID 25980] A Standard Day for Azrajar
    [ID 26182] Back to the Tenebrous Cavern
    [ID 26071] Clearing the Defiled
    [ID 26194] Defending the Rift
    [ID 26089] Die Fishman Die
    [ID 26122] Environmental Awareness
    [ID 26133] Fiends from the Netherworld
    [ID 26088] Here Fishie Fishie
    [ID 26091] Here Fishie Fishie 2: Eel-Egg-Trick Boogaloo
    [ID 26090] I Brought You This Egg
    [ID 26086] Orako
    [ID 26092] Orako's Report
    [ID 25984] Promontory Point
    [ID 25988] Put It On
    [ID 26124] Secure Seabrush
    [ID 26125] Secure Seabrush
    [ID 25974] Sira'kess Slaying
    [ID 26126] The Perfect Fuel
    [ID 26057] The Wavespeaker
    [ID 25982] Those Aren't Masks
    [ID 25976] Treasure Reclamation
    [ID 26111] ... It Will Come
    [ID 26143] All that Rises
    [ID 26142] Ascend No More!
    [ID 26140] Communing with the Ancient
    [ID 26065] Free Wil'hai
    [ID 26072] Into the Totem
    [ID 26104] Our Aquatic Neigh-Bors
    [ID 26144] Prisoners
    [ID 26149] Prisoners
    [ID 26141] Runestones of Binding
    [ID 26096] Scalding Shrooms
    [ID 26154] Twilight Extermination
    [ID 26130] Unplug L'ghorek
    [ID 26123] When in Vashj'ir...

    Kelp'thar Forest (73 quest)


    [ID 25558] All or Nothing
    [ID 25357] Buy Us Some Time
    [ID 25824] Debriefing
    [ID 25888] Decompression
    [ID 25547] On Our Own Terms
    [ID 25281] Pay It Forward
    [ID 25405] Rest For the Weary
    [ID 24432] Sea Legs
    [ID 25812] Spelunking
    [ID 25564] Stormwind Elite Aquatic and Land Forces
    [ID 25545] To Arms!
    [ID 25546] Traveling on Our Stomachs
    [ID 25885] What? What? In My Gut...?
    [ID 25949] Blood and Thunder!
    [ID 25948] Bring It On!
    [ID 25942] Buy Us Some Time
    [ID 26007] Debriefing
    [ID 26008] Decompression
    [ID 25947] Finders, Keepers
    [ID 25946] Helm's Deep
    [ID 25883] How Disarming
    [ID 25936] Pay It Forward
    [ID 25941] Rest For the Weary
    [ID 25929] Sea Legs
    [ID 26000] Spelunking
    [ID 25943] Traveling on Our Stomachs
    [ID 26040] What? What? In My Gut...?
    [ID 25634] A Better Vantage
    [ID 25732] A Bone to Pick
    [ID 25388] A Case of Crabs
    [ID 25638] A Desperate Plea
    [ID 25390] A Girl's Best Friend
    [ID 25389] A Taste For Tail
    [ID 25455] A Test of Wills
    [ID 25598] Ain't Too Proud to Beg
    [ID 25497] Back in the Saddle
    [ID 25477] Better Late Than Dead
    [ID 25503] Blackfin's Booty
    [ID 25602] Can't Start a Fire Without a Spark
    [ID 25631] Caught Off-Guard
    [ID 25413] Change of Plans
    [ID 25884] Come Hell or High Water
    [ID 25670] DUN-dun-DUN-dun-DUN-dun
    [ID 25657] Dah, Nunt... Dah, Nunt...
    [ID 25743] Decisions, Decisions
    [ID 25666] Getting Your Hands Dirty
    [ID 25587] Gimme Shelter!
    [ID 25467] Kliklak's Craw
    [ID 25467] Lady La-La's Medallion
    [ID 25358] Nerve Tonic
    [ID 25651] Oh, the Insanity!
    [ID 25944] Girding Our Loins
    [ID 27729] Once More, With Eeling
    [ID 25459] Ophidophobia
    [ID 25625] Piercing the Ruins
    [ID 25435] Pressure is Mounting
    [ID 25384] Raw Materials
    [ID 25302] Remnants of Battle
    [ID 25738] Shallow End of the Gene Pool
    [ID 25498] Shark Bait
    [ID 27699] Shark Weak
    [ID 25636] Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold
    [ID 25632] Swift Approach
    [ID 25737] Tenuous Negotiations
    [ID 25371] The Abyssal Ride
    [ID 25377] The Horde's Hoard
    [ID 27708] The Warden's Time
    [ID 25794] Undersea Sanctuary
    [ID 25635] Upon the Scene of Battle
    [ID 25887] Wake of Destruction
    [ID 25742] What? This Old Thing?

    Shimmering Expanse (119 quest)


    [ID 25582] A Better Vantage
    [ID 26006] A Breath of Fresh Air
    [ID 25535] A Powerful Need To Eat
    [ID 25954] An Occupation of Time
    [ID 25537] Art of Attraction
    [ID 25540] Bellies Await
    [ID 25919] Body Blows
    [ID 25916] Breaking Through
    [ID 25909] Capture the Crab
    [ID 25579] Caught Off-Guard
    [ID 25539] Clamming Up
    [ID 25748] Clear Goals
    [ID 25536] Cold Welcome
    [ID 25970] Come Prepared
    [ID 25968] Desperate Plan
    [ID 25753] Fallen But Not Forgotten
    [ID 26221] Full Circle
    [ID 25965] Gauging Success
    [ID 25898] Honor and Privilege
    [ID 25992] Hopelessly Gearless
    [ID 25894] Hostile Waters
    [ID 25747] Looking Forward
    [ID 25749] Not Entirely Unprepared
    [ID 25538] Odor Coater
    [ID 25995] Overseer Idra'kess
    [ID 27716] Piece of the Past
    [ID 25962] Properly Inspired
    [ID 25920] Still Valuable
    [ID 25752] Swift Action
    [ID 25580] Swift Approach
    [ID 25897] Unfurling Plan
    [ID 25583] Upon the Scene of Battle
    [ID 25626] Visions of the Past: Rise from the Deep
    [ID 25760] Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir
    [ID 25755] Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge
    [ID 25922] Waking the Beast
    [ID 25917] We Are Not Alone
    [ID 25911] Welcome News
    [ID 25955] A Better Vantage
    [ID 26005] A Breath of Fresh Air
    [ID 25581] An Occupation of Time
    [ID 25993] Body Blows
    [ID 25990] Breaking Through
    [ID 25989] Capture the Crab
    [ID 25952] Caught Off-Guard
    [ID 25959] Clear Goals
    [ID 25895] Come Prepared
    [ID 25594] Crafty Crabs
    [ID 25961] Curious Distraction
    [ID 25592] Deep Attraction
    [ID 25893] Desperate Plan
    [ID 25964] Fallen But Not Forgotten
    [ID 26219] Full Circle
    [ID 25754] Gauging Success
    [ID 25972] Honor and Privilege
    [ID 25918] Hopelessly Gearless
    [ID 25969] Hostile Waters
    [ID 25958] Looking Forward
    [ID 25960] Not Entirely Unprepared
    [ID 25921] Overseer Idra'kess
    [ID 27717] Piece of the Past
    [ID 25751] Properly Inspired
    [ID 25222] Silver Tide Hollow
    [ID 25595] Something Edible
    [ID 25994] Still Valuable
    [ID 25963] Swift Action
    [ID 25953] Swift Approach
    [ID 25971] Unfurling Plan
    [ID 25956] Upon the Scene of Battle
    [ID 26135] Visions of the Past: Rise from the Deep
    [ID 25957] Visions of the Past: The Invasion of Vashj'ir
    [ID 25966] Visions of the Past: The Slaughter of Biel'aran Ridge
    [ID 25996] Waking the Beast
    [ID 25991] We Are Not Alone
    [ID 25973] Welcome News
    [ID 25215] A Distracting Scent
    [ID 25442] A Pearl of Wisdom
    [ID 25471] Across the Great Divide
    [ID 25860] At All Costs
    [ID 25456] Back in One Piece
    [ID 25164] Backed Into a Corner
    [ID 25863] Chosen Burden
    [ID 26231] Boarding Party
    [ID 25658] Built to Last
    [ID 25858] By Her Lady's Word
    [ID 25360] Crabby Patrons
    [ID 25750] Curious Distraction
    [ID 25896] Devout Assembly
    [ID 25219] Don't be Shellfish
    [ID 25440] Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar
    [ID 25951] Final Judgement
    [ID 25629] Her Lady's Hand
    [ID 26218] Long Shot
    [ID 25892] Losing Ground
    [ID 25967] Losing Ground
    [ID 25900] Making Contact
    [ID 25890] Nespirah
    [ID 25859] No Trespass Forgiven
    [ID 25659] Not Soon Forgotten
    [ID 26217] Overboard
    [ID 25619] Reoccupation
    [ID 25221] Rundown
    [ID 25861] Setting An Example
    [ID 25593] Shelled Salvation
    [ID 25907] Slave Labor
    [ID 25220] Slippery Threat
    [ID 25908] Stick it to Them
    [ID 25862] Stolen Property
    [ID 26216] Stoleways
    [ID 26191] The Culmination of Our Efforts
    [ID 25216] The Great Sambino
    [ID 25334] The Looming Threat
    [ID 25620] The Revered Lady
    [ID 27394 ]The Call of the Blade
    [ID 25637] To the Fathom-Lord's Call
    [ID 25359] Toshe's Vengeance
    [ID 25217] Totem Modification
    [ID 25218] Undersea Inflation
    [ID 25493] Vengeful Heart
    [ID 25441] Vortex
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    Re: Quest List - Nuevos Mapas

    Update Mount Hyjal!!!

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    Re: Quest List - Nuevos Mapas


    [ID 27953] The Reliquary: Perfecta

    [ID 26409] Where's Goldmine? = Perfecta.
    [ID 26410] Explosive Bonding Compound = Perfecta

    [ID 26411] Apply and Flash Dry = Perfecta

    [ID 26413] Take Him to the Earthcaller = No empieza el evento donde tenes que escoltar a Flin Oremantle (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=43036/flint-oremantle)

    [ID 27005] The Twilight Plot [H]: Funciona perfectamente

    [ID 27059] The Wrong Sequence [H] : Esta echa autocompletable (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3gm...=Warcraft1to85 )

    [ID 27135] Something that Burns: Se puede completar ya que se encuentran los mobs que hay que matar, pero el totem no funciona y no hace aparecer al mob ( mob: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=46611/magmatooth#abilities ). El npc http://www.wowhead.com/npc=42574/initiate-goldmine no esta entregando esta quest)

    [ID 27043] Fight Fire and Water and Air with... [H]
    : Se puede matar al mob objetivo de la quest, pero no pide hacer los elementos, se puede matar directamente (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZj1...nel=CataQuests)

    [ID 26709] The Stone Throne: Funciona

    [ID 27934] One With the Ground: Esta mal linkeada, ya que que la quest que esta dando es en realidad (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27935/b...-the-avalanche) Bring Down the Avalanche. linkeo la quest que corresponde aca: (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27934/one-with-the-ground)

    [ID 27936] Bring Down the Avalanche: Funciona, le faltaría nada mas los dialogos que dice el npc pero después de eso funciona perfecta.

    [ID 26499] Stonefather's Boon: Funciona, hay que aclarar que me crasheo 2 veces el wow en esta quest por algún motivo.

    [ID 26500] We're Surrounded: Funciona

    [ID 26501] Sealing the Way: No funciona ya que no entrega el buff a los npcs por lo cual no te los cuenta, dejo link a la quest: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=26501/sealing-the-way (Fixeada)

    [ID 26502] Thunder Stones: Funciona.
    [ID 26564] Fixer Upper: Funciona
    Última edición por Bubble; 24/09/2016 a las 19:53

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    Re: Quest List - Nuevos Mapas

    Gilneas city

    [ID 14078] Lockdown : Funciona
    [ID 14091] Something`s Amiss : Funciona
    [ID 14285] Safety in numbers: Funciona
    [ID 14093] All Hell Breaks Loose :Funciona
    [ID 14094] Salvage the Supplies: Funciona
    [ID 14098] Evacuate the Merchant Square : Funciona
    [ID 14280] The Winds Know Your Name... Apparently: Funciona
    [ID 14099] Royal Orders ; Funciona
    [ID 24930] While You're At It: Funciona
    [ID 14157] Old Divisions: Funciona
    [ID 28850] The Prison Rooftop: Funciona

    [ID 14154] By the Skin of His Teeth: Funciona(Una simple curiosidad es impresionante lo que pega Tobias Mistmantle, ya que basicamente si no te moves, la quest la hace el solo porque one hitea los mobs)
    [ID 14214] Message to Greymane : Funciona
    [ID 14294] Time to Regroup : Funciona
    [ID 14212] Sacrifices : Funciona
    [ID 14218] By Blood and Ash : Funciona
    [ID 14221] Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat : Funciona
    [ID 14222] Last Stand: Funciona
    [ID 14278] Seek the Sister: Funciona
    [ID 14275]Someone's Keeping Track of You: Funciona

    [ID 14375] Last Chance at Humanity: Funciona, pero no tenes que esperar que se realice el dialogo para completar la quest, otro punto es que aparecen 2 King Genn Greymare en vez de 1 y que en realidad a partir de esta quest te tiene que dar el racial de 2 formas, no antes como viene sucediendo desde que creas el personaje.


    [ID 13972] Among Humans Again: Funciona
    [ID 14320] In Need of Ingredients: Funciona
    [ID 14321] Invasion: Funciona
    [ID 14336] Kill or Be Killed : Funciona

    [ID 14348] You Can't Take 'Em Alone : Funciona pero por algún motivo siempre tienes que tener 2 o mas barriles de polvora para que funcione, si tienes uno solo y se lo tiras, no marca el debuff que hace que exploten.
    [ID 14347] Hold the Line : Funciona
    ID 14366] Holding Steady: Funciona
    [ID 14367] The Allens' Storm Cellar : Funciona
    [ID 14368] Save the Children!: Funciona
    [ID 14369] Unleash the Beast : Funciona
    [ID 14382] Two By Sea : Funciona

    [ID 14386] Leader of the Pack : Funciona, pero deberían aparecer mas perros, aunque la quest es totalmente completable con facilidad
    [ID 14396] As the Land Shatters: Funciona
    [ID 14395] Gasping for Breath: Funciona
    [ID 14397] Evacuation: Funciona
    [ID 14406] The Crowley Orchard: Funciona

    [ID 14416] The Hungry Ettin: Autocompletable.
    [ID 14398] Grandma Wahl: Funciona
    [ID 14399] Grandma's Lost It Alright: Funciona
    [ID 25331] Grandma's Cat: Funciona
    [ID 14400] I Can't Wear This: Funciona
    [ID 14402] Ready to Go: Funciona
    [ID 14403] The Hayward Brothers: Funciona
    [ID 14404] Not Quite Shipshape: Funciona
    [ID 14412] Washed Up: Funciona
    [ID 14405] Escape By Sea: Funciona
    [ID 14463] Horses for Duskhaven: Funciona
    [ID 14465] To Greymane Manor: Funciona
    [ID 14466] The King's Observatory: Funciona

    [ID 24438] Exodus: Funciona. Pero debería haber un evento en el que vas en la carreta, no teletransportarte al lugar.
    [ID 24468] Stranded at the Marsh: Funciona
    [ID 24772] Introductions Are in Order: Funciona
    [ID 24483] Stormglen: Funciona
    [ID 24484] Pest Control: Funciona
    [ID 24495] Pieces of the Past: Funciona,
    un único detalle es que la hojas respawnean muy rápido por lo cual se puede hacer la quest solamente esperando en el mismo lugar 10 segundos.
    [ID 24501] Queen-Sized Troubles: Funciona
    [ID 24578] The Blackwald: Funciona

    [ID 24616] Losing Your Tail: Funciona pero el mob jamas castea la trampa congelante para utilizar el item. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gokl...l=GitGudGuides )
    [ID 24627] At Our Doorstep : Funciona
    [ID 24628] Preparations: Funciona

    [ID 24646] Take Back What's Ours : Funciona, pero cuando se invoca a los npcs que deberían ayudarte no atacan, ya que cuando se llega al lugar de la mision ya hay npcs aliados y no están atacando.
    [ID 24593] Neither Human Nor Beast : Funciona
    [ID 24673] Return to Stormglen : Funciona
    [ID 24672] Onwards and Upwards : Funciona

    [ID 24592] Betrayal at Tempest's Reach : Funciona; pero Cringris es hostil con los mobs, por lo cual lo matan demasiado seguido y se vuelve complicado entregar la quest.
    [ID 24677] Flank the Forsaken: Funciona
    [ID 24675] Last Meal: Funciona

    [ID 24575] Liberation Day: No esta entregando esta quest, pero si realizas la quest [ID 24674] Slaves to No One te entrega la quest siguiente para seguir la cadena.
    [ID 24904]The Battle for Gilneas City: Autocompletable ya que la quest no empieza el evento, el item funciona pero nadie avanza.
    [ID 24902] The Hunt For Sylvanas: Autocompletable ya que el evento no empieza.
    [ID 24903] Vengeance or Survival: Funciona
    [ID 24920] Slowing the Inevitable: Autocompletable ya que el evento no empieza.
    [ID 24678] Knee-Deep: Funciona, aunque es innecesario usar el item ya que las alimañas no atacan.
    ID 24602] Laid to Rest: Funciona
    [ID 24679] Patriarch's Blessing: Funciona pero no empieza la cinematica
    [ID 24680] Keel Harbor: Funciona
    [ID 24681] They Have Allies, But So Do We: Autocompletable. Dejo video de como sería la quest: ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvYd...l=GitGudGuides)
    [ID 26706] Endgame: Autocompletable. Dejo video de como sería la quest: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3E_...l=GitGudGuides )

    Ruins of Gilneas
    [ID 24617] Tal'doren, the Wild Home [A] : Funciona
    [ID 14434] Rut'theran Village [A]: Funciona.
    [ID 27333] Losing Ground: Funciona
    [ID 27345] The F.C.D.: Funciona
    [ID 27364] On Whose Orders?: Funciona

    Espero que les sirva. Suerte

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    Re: Quest List - Nuevos Mapas


    Actualizada la lista!!! 12/09
    Última edición por Talanar; 12/09/2016 a las 23:54

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    Re: Quest List - Nuevos Mapas

    [ID 14293] Save Krennan Aranas: Funciona
    [ID 24676] Push Them Out: Funciona
    [ID 24674] Slaves to No One: Funciona
    [ID 14313] Among Humans Again
    [ID 14283] A Rejuvenating Touch

    Ruins of Gilneas [H]

    [ID 27290] To Forsaken Forward Command: Funciona

    [ID 27342] In Time, All Will Be Revealed: Funciona

    [ID 27350] Break in Communications: Rutsak's Guard: Funciona

    [ID 27360] Vengeance for Our Soldiers:

    [ID 27401] What Tomorrow Brings: No funciona ya que no te deja usar el telescopio por lo cual no empieza el evento, linkeo quest http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27401/what-tomorrow-brings

    [ID 27405] Fall Back!: Funciona.

    [ID 27406] A Man Named Godfrey No funciona, ya que no esta el cuerpo y los npcs que deberían acompañarte no te escoltan por lo cual tampoco se puede entregar la quest en donde se debería. linkeo quest: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27406/a-man-named-godfrey. Aclaracion: Pude entregar la quest al mismo npc donde se debería entregar pero en coordenadas distintas, las cordenadas son 57.5 18.3 que es donde encontramos al principio el npc, es como que no toma el cambio en el evento.

    [ID 27423] Resistance is Futile: La quest debería empezar automaticamente cuando te escoltar para la quest "A Man Named Godfrey" pero como no te escoltan no se puede hacer porque los mobs son amistosos. La quest te la entrega el mismo npc que debería escoltarte pero en las cordenadas 57.5 18.3


    Para realizar estas quest se debe realizar una cadena de quest antes:

    [ID 24997] Graverobbers
    [ID 24998] Maggot Eye
    [ID 24999] Planting the Seed of Fear
    [ID 24994] Doom Weed
    [ID 24995] Off the Scales
    [ID 25031]Head for the Mills
    [ID 25003] The Family Crypt
    [ID 25004] The Mills Overrun
    [ID 25029] Deaths in the Family
    [ID 25005] Speack with Sevren
    [ID 25006] The Grasp Weakens
    [ID 25007] East... Always to the East
    [ID 25009] At War With The Scarlet Crusade
    [ID 25010] A Deadly New Ally

    [ID 25046]A Daughter's Embrace : Funciona pero no empieza el evento donde el npc mata al padre.
    [ID 25011] To Bigger and Better Things
    [ID 25012] Take to the Skies
    [ID 26964] Warchief's Command: Silverpine Forest!
    [ID 26965] The Warchief Cometh
    [ID 26995] Guts and Gore
    [ID 26989] The Gilneas Liberation Front
    [ID 26992] Agony Abounds
    [ID 26998] Iterating Upon Success
    [ID 27039]Dangerous Intentions
    [ID 27045]Waiting to Exsanguinate
    [ID 27056] Belmont's Report
    [ID 27065] The Warchief's Fleet
    [ID 27069] Steel Thunder
    [ID 27093] Lost in the Darkness
    [ID 27096] Orcs are in Order

    [ID 27097]Rise, Forsaken: No funciona ya que agatha no castea el poder que revive y crea los no muertos

    ID 27099] No Escape: No funciona ya que agatha no aparece con vos, y cuando vas a la zona no arranca el evento. Video :

    [ID 27098]Lordaeron: No empieza el evento por lo cual no se puede realizar la quest.

    [ID 27180]Honor the Dead: Los npc=45197 no estan dando el loot que deberían que es item=60862 Linkeo quest wowhead http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27180/honor-the-dead (Fixeada)

    [ID 27438]The Great Escape: No funciona ya que el evento no comienza ya que las quest te la dan en otro zona no donde debería, linkeo quest wowhead http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27438/the-great-escape

    [ID 27472]Rise, Godfrey: No funciona ya que no empieza el evento de revivirlo

    [ID 27474] Breaking the Barrier: Funciona

    [ID 27475] Unyielding : Funciona

    [ID 27476] Dalar Dawnweaver: Funciona

    [ID 27478]Relios the Relic Keeper: Funciona

    [ID 27483]Practical Vengeance Funciona

    ID 27480]Ley Energies: No funciona ya que no los npc=45728 no dropean el item Arcane Remnant (id item=61311) Que hace que empiece la mision (Fixeada)

    Hay que aclarar que los portales que te deberían llevar al Sepulcro y al crater de Dalaran no están funcionando.

    [ID 27484] Only One May Enter: Funciona

    [ID 27510]A Wolf in Bear's Clothing: Funciona

    [ID 27512]Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter I: Funciona.

    [ID 27513]Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter II: No funciona ya que el portal al no transportarte hace que no empiece el evento y cuando vas a la zona volando, no estan los mobs que hay que matar para completar la quest. (Fixeada)

    22/09/2016 Actualizo. (Una sola jaja)
    [ID27518]Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III: No esta funcionando ya que el objetivo aparece como amistoso, linkeo quest. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27518/t...re-chapter-iii

    24/09/2016 Actualizo.
    [ID 27542]Taking the battlefront: Autocompletable: Linkeo quest (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27542/t...he-battlefront)
    [ID 27550] Pyrewood's Fall: No funciona ya que no reconoce el edificio cuando tiramos la antorcha, dejo link a la quest (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27550/pyrewoods-fall)
    [ID 27547]Of No Consequence: No funciona ya que los npcs a los qu deberías poder hablarle no tienen para realizar una acción, dejo link a la quest (http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27547/of-no-consequence)

    [ID 27548]Lessons in Fear: Funciona
    7th Legion Battle Plans:Funciona
    Aclaro los Npc que otorgan estas quest, te tendrían que acompañar desde 51.8 65.1, que es de donde deberían otorgar las quest, pero los npcs que están entregando las quest están en 45.1 72.2 y no te acompañan.

    Actualizo 17/10/16

    [ID 27580]Sowing Discord: Funciona.
    [ID 27594]On Her Majesty's Secret Service: No funciona ya que al no estar los npcs que tendrían que acompañarte no empieza el evento, linkeo quest http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27594/o...secret-service
    [ID 27601] Cities in Dust: NO empieza el evento
    Última edición por Perry_Mhs; 17/10/2016 a las 22:23

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    Re: Quest List - Nuevos Mapas

    Actualizo deepholm.
    Me había borrado disculpen!!!

    No te preocupes, igual acordate que cuando actualices un post, hacele alguna linea de separacion o algo como para saber cuales son las que agregaste.
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    Re: Quest List - Nuevos Mapas

    Hola, recien ahora lo reporto, hace una o dos semanas estabamos jugando WoW (testeando Cata) con mi hermano (Ambos orcos en party) y ninguno de los dos podiamos hacer al mision "Through Fire and Flames", (En los baldios de el norte).

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    Re: Quest List - Nuevos Mapas

    Cita Iniciado por tetomaman Ver Mensaje
    Hola, recien ahora lo reporto, hace una o dos semanas estabamos jugando WoW (testeando Cata) con mi hermano (Ambos orcos en party) y ninguno de los dos podiamos hacer al mision "Through Fire and Flames", (En los baldios de el norte).
    Lista para el próximo restart.
    Fearless - Fearlight - Fearfury - Fearthunder - Fearbringer (H) // Fearfreezing - Fearwild (A)

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